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Friday, 20 July 2012

i am a virgin and i'm proud of it.

Hello people. Let me introduce ma self. I stay in kuala lumpur, Big city in malaysia. I am malay, and i am a muslim. I'm proud to be muslim. I love ma self. I would like to touch about nowadays disease, which is having sex before marriage. I totally dont agree with this type of lifestyle. Yes, i'm urban and fasionable, i'm happy go lucky.but still i pray everyday. I love Allah, and i love my only one religion which is Islam. Thanks to Islam for giving me the right pathways to choose as it guide to the truth. Today is first Ramadhan. May Allah bless us. Back to our topic, i'm proud for being a virgin and my virginity is for my husband only after i get married. It is so sad to see many girls out there giving their virginity to someone who doesn't deserve it. For those who had loose your virginity before the right time, you still can repent cause Allah is always by your side. For those who love theirself just like me, keep on take care if our self as statistics shows that nowadays there were noy so many real virgin girl out there. Love yourself, be in the right path, may Allah bless us.

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  1. bagus .

    sekarang susah jumpa orang2 yg syg virginity mereka :)


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