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Saturday, 15 December 2012

how nursing profession help to improve your life.

assalamualaikum and hello everyone. it's been quite long since the last time i wrote here. anyway guys, how was life? hope that God bless you and i and our day will be full of happiness. :) i just want to share my opinion on how nursing profession help to improve your life. some people may think that nurse are not really important rather than a doctor. but do you guys knows that without nurses, a doctor can't even perform their healthcare services? from the most basic health meter for example : blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and oxygen level in our body. usually nurses are the one who recorded all this stuff and any abnormality will be noted to doctor for further treatment. without nursing diagnosis, the doctor will need more time to investigate the condition of the patient. this is vital as just one simple mistakes can cause many big implication. do you think nurses study, take course for certificate, diploma and degree just for fun? the answer will always be no. well, you know that to have somebody with certificate, diploma and degree to take care of you would feel much better rather than people who don't really know what disease you were having and simply give you medication and treatment without knowing the effect or any implication. nurses are people who work with doctors to give patient perfect treatment as doctors can't work alone. nurses are like eye, ear, hand and leg of the doctors. plus, they hear patients complains and compliments and take that as a parameter to improve nursing services. i am proud to tell you people that nurses worker are the actual people in the medical first line health service that help society improve their health life.

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